Helicopter Pilot

Career as Helicopter Pilot

A Helicopter pilot is a person who has been trained in a suitable Flying Training Organisation and issued with a
Licence from DGCA, Govt Of India to fly a helicopter in Indian territory. The career is thrilling and presents its own unique challenges along with rewarding career in terms of job satisfaction, money and career opportunities.

To join in fast booming aviation sector as helicopter pilot, a person needs to have valid Licence (PPL / CHPL). The cadet who has completed the stipulated trainings which includes Ground Classes, Flying training and DGCA examinations are eligible for issuance of Helicopter flying licence.

To become a helicopter pilot is exitingfield and a dream job for many young students. This career promises them with a good salary along with flight allowance and other perks given to pilots. There is ample opportunity to travel and see new places. Everyday is rewarding as a pilot in the cockpit.

The eligibilityof becomingaHelicopter Pilot

The eligibility of becoming a Helicopter Pilot

Job Roles for Helicopter Pilot

The job of a helicopter pilot required him / her to undertake a
wide range of responsibility, including:

Job Roles for Helicopter Pilot

Some of the most common recruiter for helicopter pilots are including:

Pay scale / Salary packages of Helicopter Pilots

The flying of a helicopter is high paying career with good opportunity in all related fields. The average salary package for helicopter pilot is approx. 1.5 to 2 Lac per month which in two to three years of experience will increaseto 3-4 lac per month. The more experienced pilots are in high demands and are paid approx. 5 lac per month.

Recency Flying for Helicopter

The special offer is to bring the defence pilots and non-flying pilot to re-validate their existing helicopter pilot licence by a quick flying of only 10 Hrs with us, followed by a skill test.

Fee Structure for Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CHPL)

Flying training for 150 hours
Fees for Commercial Helicopter Pilot License tuition andflying training

S.No. Item Duration Fee for Indian National Fee for Foreign National
1 Registration - INR 50,000.00 -
2 SPL & FRTOL - - -
3 Ground Training 200 Hrs. INR 2,00,000.00 -
4 Flying – Robinson R44 150 Hrs INR 52,50,000.00 -
total - INR 52,50,000.00/- INR 52,50,000.00

Expected time duration of course completion

1) Ground classes : 3 Months
2) Flying Training of 150 Hrs : 60 – 150 day with maximum 3 Hrs per day per cadet
3) Other procedures : 30 Days

Total duration : 200 days/09 month (Approx)

Payment Schedule:

S.No. Particular Amount to Pay (Indian) Amount to Pay (Foreign) When to pay
1 Application Form INR 2,000/- - While filling the form
2 Registration INR 50,0000/- - While booking the seat
3 First Installment INR 18,16,000 /- - within 10 days of enrollment
4 Second Installment INR 18,16,000/- - within 45 days of enrollment
5 Third Installment INR 18,16,000/- - within 60 days of enrollment

Bank Details for fees Flyola Aviaon Academy

1. Bank Name ICICI Bank
2. Account No. 245105001638
3. IFSC Code ICIC0000575
4. Branch Hero Honda Gurgaon